4am-12am 7 Days A Week
4402 N Division St, Spokane WA 99207,United States

Membership Options (READ THIS PAGE!)


Hardcore Gym is a LIMITED MEMBERSHIP GYM which requires a key-fob for entry. We will cap our memberships when we reach our set capacity, and this page will not have a sign-up link active on it anymore. If the link is still here, you are able to sign up, otherwise you can be put on our wait list for memberships by emailing us or calling.

You can either come in-person at the gym to sign up (Monday-Friday only 9am-3pm), or you can sign up online on this page (above and below links).

Here at Hardcore Gym we keep it simple. We have one Monthly price, and one Yearly price. It is highly recommended to purchase yearly if you can afford it, and not worry about the monthly payments. If your account misses 2 or more monthly payments we can cancel your membership, we have a limited amount of memberships, and if you can’t respect our gym enough to pay your dues, we will replace you with someone that will. We also offer a ONE MONTH and ONE WEEK GUEST PASS at signup on the next page. (week and month guest passes get a key-fob)

When you click the link above or below to purchase your membership you will be taken to our Gym Master sign up page, click on the blue “Sign Up” button and fill in the details. We will program your key-fob and put it in our drop-box located outside our front doors, and you can grab it whenever you like with a digital code. We will email you the code after you get your membership. (Be sure your email is entered correct when signing up!)

Membership Price : $39.95*/monthly

Year Pre-pay : $399*/year (save $80)

*Plus Washington Tax which is currently 8.9%

*Day Passes are $10 and can be paid for at the gym. Waivers and the Cash Drop-box are located on the front counter.

No enrollment fees, no processing fees, no bullshit.  With the monthly memberships you pay your Pro-rate to the 5th, and your LAST month of dues. All memberships have a one time fee of $5* for your key fob. The last month’s dues and key fob fee are listed as a “Signup Fee” when purchasing your membership.


Hours of Operation

4am – 12am : 7 DAYS A WEEK (Your key fob will work during these hours)

Staffed Hours : 9am-3pm – Monday-Friday (no staff on weekends)

Unlike other gyms, we make it EASY to cancel at any time. To cancel your membership please stop by any weekday 9am-3pm, or you can contact us through the contact form here on the website. Put “Cancel Membership” in the subject line and your info so we have the correct account.